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All things Drone and UAV. Welcome to Drone Chat a monthly podcast dedicated to Informing, Educating, and sometimes amusing our listeners about all things UAV and drone-related. In this short trailer, we will explain who you will hear and what we are planning to chat about over the next few months.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Drones in Policing

    Drones in policing has become the new norm, in Episode 9, ActingSnr. Sgt. Robert Whittle chats about how drones have changed policing in Qld. ...


  2. Dr Karen Joyce from She Maps

    In Episode 8, we chat to Dr Karen Joyce (PhD Geographical Sciences, UQ) She is a Senior Lecturer in remote sensing and GIS at James Cook University. And has been working with spatial science since 1998 across academia, industry, military, and government roles. As a certified remote pilot, she ...


  3. FPV Australia - A chat with owner John Fleming

    This Episode we talk to John Fleming owner of one of the first multi-rotor CASA accrediated, training organisations in Australia, about the industry and the changes he has seen in the 13 years he has been involved. We talk tips for newbies, changes and what might be around the corner ...


  4. Chris Anderson - The Drone Trainer

    Dualling Podcasts! We talk to Chris from Canada about his sucessful Drone businesses and Podcast. ...


  5. Phil Dunbabin talks about the creation of the Drone Flyers Facebook groups and other stuff!

    Hear about Phil's idea to give back to the Drone community via his many facebook groups, how he got started and why his groups continue to grow. ...